Victoria Comfort Inn offers a rich mix in its Bill of Fare featuring the best of local and international cuisine. Quality and value are important constants in all the products on offer. Guests to VCI can enjoy quality Food and Drink in various settings; The Victoria Restaurant, Rooftop Bar and Restaurant, Private Dining Rooms, Room Service, Outdoors in the pleasant gardens.

Hermosa Chica Restaurant

Our in-house Hermosa Chica Restaurant promises to take you on a memorable culinary journey across the world and surprise your taste buds every moment of that trip. The name is derived from a spanish word for “beautiful girl”, this is the main eatery in Victoria Comfort Inn.

The setting and design of the restaurant relaxes you and oozes an ambience of warmth and quiet, the dining is an experience of exotic galaxy coupled with excellent service.

The restaurant is manned by highly trained staff who produce amazing meals to your specifications. We also serve buffet meals and are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests can also choose to have their meals at the scenic terrace or at our roof top bar. This restaurant is open to both boarding guests and walk-in patrons.

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Tado Lounge

“Tado” in local lingo means the roof, the hotel has a Zephyr swept roof top lounge with a perfect view of the Nyahera hills and the pristine waters of Lake Victoria.

The bar in Tado lounge offers a variety of wines, beers and spirits, as well as special drinks to satisfy every taste with the sommelier at your service all the time.

Tado lounge also provides a sedated venue for private parties, family gatherings, chama meetings and general get together.

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